We have a wide range of incredible adventure sports, creative technologies & STEM activities for 2020 at Summer Camp at Headfort School and at Summer Camp Rockwell College on Ireland’s Ancient East. 

Adventure Sports include Surfing, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting,  Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Abseiling, High Ropes, Zip Wire, Assault Course, Orienteering & Archery among others. 

STEM & Creative Tech Workshops including 3D Modelling & Printing, Music Technology, Sound Production, Song Recording, Rock Music Performance, Movie Making, Song Writing, STEM Challenges, Coding, Robotics, Green Screen Film Making, Rockets, Wind Turnines, Virtual Reality, 360 Degree Digital Film, Drone Racing, Holograms & related Maths interactive discovery led workshops. 

Multi Team Sports include Cricket, Hurling, Football, Tag Rugby, La Crosse, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Gaelic Football, Water Polo, Tennis, Table Tennis, Billiards & Swimming among others.

A great way to get a good idea of what we do is to have a look at our students during these activities in our very popular Video Blog at this link: DAILY UPDATES

Video Summary of Physical Activities:

Visual Summary of some of the General Activities including STEM, Creative Tech, Team Sports and Adventure Activities.

1. Surfing 

Surfing is available once a week at both camps.


2. Stop Motion & 3D Modeling & Printing

3. Zip Wire & Zip ‘n’ Trek 

Another incredibly popular activity is the gravity defying Zip Wire and the Zip ‘n’ Trek course. 

 4. Kayaking 


5. Archery 

Archery is used to explore probabilities while exploring the geometry and ratios of the circle and discovering for themselves what Pi is

Archery Maths


6. Music Technology & Performance 

Using an array of technological strategies, not only through the media of iPads, but also using music and media technology to illustrate and explore key mathematical concepts, CMA invite students to form real and meaningful relationships with them. Creating music with technology and mathematics becomes a fascinating way to explore patterns and sequences.

Have a listen to student movie soundtrack (Students Films and Productions can be viewed on our Students Productions page ):


7. Robotics, Coding & Sound 


In Trigonometry for example Sine Waves are heard and visualised giving students an inherent understanding of what they are, while seeing and discovering their natural place in the world, and not simply accepting the traditional teaching approach that sine is simply a number or a ratio of one value to another.




Music Tech Workshop

Through the use of music and media technology, great strides can be made visualising concepts and forming real and meaningful relationships with these concepts.

Music Perf

Students who play an instrument may avail of our Maths Rock Band where music is performed based on mathematical concepts. Usually our electric & digital group of musicians play drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, electronics, iPads, controllers, violin, cello, piano, tin whistle, clarinet and harp among many others. Its a fascinating exploration into mathematics and music and the results are powerful and usually very loud and fast!

8. Digital Film & Photography 

Students will also have the opportunity to script, produce, edit and make a movie including composing the soundtrack, which will be completed in Music Technology workshops.

Student films produced can be viewed on our Student Productions page.

8. Drone & GoPro Technology

Drone demo workshop drone workshop good Drone castle edge