Student Registration Form 2018

Registration Form. Once a student is booked in we ask parents to complete this form.
  • Personal Details

    Please complete all required sections. (*)
  • Student Details

    Please select the camp(s) your child is attending.
  • Please let us know if your child has any allergies, medical condition or dietary requirements etc If none apply, please state “NONE”
    Which devices will your child be bringing to camp? CMA policy is to collect all devices from students at bedtime and return them in the morning after breakfast.
  • Are you booking an Airport Transfer? Please include details.
  • Has your child any particular skills or hobbies such as playing a musical instrument or other pursuits?

    When you have completed all questions please press the SUBMIT button firmly once only. Thanks!
  • Charikleia Chalividou and Kornelius Bachmann

    Dear all,
    I just fulfilled the Registration Form for our son Theodor Bachmann … I pressed the button but nothing seems to happen. Kindly confirm that you got the form …

    Best Regards
    Charikleia Chalividou

  • Fabio

    Dear Mrs. Chalividou, registration form filled. I pressed the submit button and “THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING THE FORM!” appeared.
    Hope this help.
    Kind regards,
    Fabio Noacco

  • Aengus O'Connor

    I’m terribly sorry Mrs Chalividou, we didn’t receive it yet. I’ll contact you directly. Many thanks and apologies again. And thanks Fabio for your help, we have received your’s with thanks. Aengus

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