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Day 1 at Rockwell June 24th 2018

What a wonderful bunch of students we’ve got this week! Students from France, Spain, Angola, Luxembourg, Poland and Ireland arrived this eve in glorious warm sunshine for our first Summer Camp of Summer 2018!
What a week we’re going to have. Big thank you to our incredible teachers!!
Great start to the camp this eve…

CMA Summer Camp W1 Day 1

summer camps

Day 6 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 30th

Day 6

The last night of our camps are always tinged with some sadness saying goodbye to such wonderful students, having seen them accomplish so much in such a short period of time and indeed having seen them exceed their own expectations. It is also a source of great celebration having seen our incredible teachers James, Caoimhe, Paul, Caroline and Graham build such solid relationships with our students which allow the students to progress so well both academically and personally in a week. Read more “Day 6 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 30th”

summer camps

Day 5 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 29th

Day 5

Creativity, coding and Aviation culminating in a tense and highly competitive whole school sports competition was the essence of today.

Creating video games using coding and Scratch with Graham, writing and recording songs with Caroline using MIDI instruments and flying Boeing Flight Simulator and all things aviation with Atlantic AirVenture were the bulk of activities today. Read more “Day 5 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 29th”

summer camps

Day 4 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 28th

Day 4

The weather has thankfully duped Met Eireann yet again! Maybe they might consider coming on one of our camps! 

Further exploration of Sine Waves, Graphing & Flight Planning were the order of the morning during the Maths workshops in anticipation of Aviation workshops tomorrow with Jane McGill and her team of professional pilots at Atlantic AirVenture. There was some brilliant music making going on in Caroline’s Music Technology workshops. Read more “Day 4 CMA Summer Camp Glenstal Abbey June 28th”