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summer camps ireland

CMA Summer Camps 2018 Week 5 Thursday

Thursday was another action packed day at CMA Summer Camps with Surfing again on the agenda preceded by workshops with Bowen, Séan and Paul including making movies which will be shown on Friday night along with the Stop Motion movies. We also have our Talent Show and Movie Awards on Friday night.
After dinner workshops with Bowen, we’re followed by great session of evening games.
Enjoy the videos…

summer camps ireland

CMA Summer Camps 2018 Week 5 Monday!

Students from the Ireland, US, UK, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain and the UAE joined our students staying on another week (from Ireland, Ukraine, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Estonia) on Sunday for another sold out week!
Such a nice bunch of students, it’s going to be a great week!
What a day Monday has been already!
Enjoy the videos of Stop Motion, Rockets, Challenges, Surfing and evening activities and games!

summer camps ireland

CMA Summer Camps 2018 W4 Friday

Friday! Can’t believe it’s Friday already!
Robotics, Talent Show, Surfing, Film, Movie Awards & Evening Games!
Sadly many of our students leave on Saturday while we’ve 9 staying another week. We e another sold out camp starting on Sunday when another cohort of students arrive.
Enjoy the videos & see you next week!!

summer camps ireland

CMA Summer Camps 2018 Week 4 Thursday

Thursday morning with Bowen explored how astronauts land safely after a space flight and tested their theories on eggs! We also looked at how propellors work while constructing a helicopter and how we can use graphs to illustrate.
Afternoon activities included Zip n Trek, Rock-climbing, Archery among others followed by eve workshops including Movie Making and games. Another packed day.
Enjoy the videos.