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Just In! Time Travels Fastest in May!

Time is estimated to be travelling faster in May than in April according to a new study and June is set to slow right down to a standstill unless collective action is taken. This can largely be attributed to the school term ending and the days getting longer. Everyone is affected.


The long Irish summer is only around the corner and the big questions on most parents’ minds is what to do with the kids. Summer Camps are plentiful and are a great way to entertain the kids while they learn.

One of the big topics this year has been education and mathematics in particular, with OECD reports and Minister Quinn’s reforms dominating the debate.

There are morning  camps offered in every corner of the country it seems, while residential camps are also available. Is there a camp that teenagers would really love to go on, learn and have the time of their lives?


There is one unique summer residential and day attendance camp offering a revolutionary approach to mathematics education encompassing learning through discovery, visualisation, creative technologies and adventure sports and activities which will help students come to terms with key mathematical concepts. At the Connemara Maths Academy,  unbelievable value for money is on offer with a 7 night residential (8 days Day Camp from 9.30am – 9.30pm) programme in the West of Ireland’s number 1 tourist attraction at Kylemore Abbey incorporating Killary Adventure Centre activities. Team sports, both indoor and outdoor, and adventure activities such as water trampolining, kayaking, rock climbing among others while giving students opportunities to make films, compose soundtracks, perform music and create 3D animations while becoming maths fluent in key mathematical concepts underpinning them.

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Connemara Maths Academy are offering great discounts for siblings, groups and early booking specfials.

Discovery, Creativity and Adventure this summer in Connemara.




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All Ireland Hurling Championship – Who’s going to win?



Galway are given an almost 13% chance of claiming the All Ireland this year 2014 and their chances are almost doubled for the Leinster scalp at 23%.

As many people see it, Galway are unbeatable when playing at their best and their best depends on some key players to perform. When the brilliant Tannion plays well, Galway play well and he is an inspiration to the team. This would also highlight a fault with the team and should Tannion have an off day or not be at his best for whatever reason, as with all great players , the team should really be able to get on with it and carry them through.

As a Dubliner, I long to see Dublin win an All Ireland however there’ll be no complaints if Galway can manage to get their act together and win, Tannion at his best or not!

Interestingly, Dublin’s chances of winning the All Ireland (hurling) is pretty much the same as Galway’s at almost 12%.

Clare are obvious joint favourites with an almost 27% chance of taking the title along with Kilkenny.

Whatever happens, this has the makings of another classic championship and if the heat waves keep rolling in over the Island, we’re in for a treat!


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Sweden given a 35% chance of winning the Eurovision!


Sweden are rated with an implied probability of almost 35% to win the competition, which is as fraught with geopolitical tensions, unswerving allegiances, opposing groupings, accusations of corruption and unpopular nations that tend to narrow the field, regardless of the song.

The UK are in with a 15% chance while Ireland have a very poor chance at under 2%.

The fact that the Ukraine is going through a very difficult period with its neighbours Russia is probably behind their respective implied probabilities with the Ukraine on a 12% chance of winning compared to Russia’s 1.2% chance.

There is one stand out dark horse entry which looks to be brilliant value when judged on the song alone as compared to the others: San Marino is given a less than .5% chance of winning!

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