Our student centred educational philosophy is based on learning through discovery, creativity and adventure.

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Summer Camps
SOS Ventures Sean O’Sullivan Connemara Maths Academy Aengus O’Connor and CMA Mathletes Scholarship Winner 2014 Luke McMahon
Sean, Frans & Aengus
SOS Ventures Sean O’Sullivan Connemara Maths Academy Aengus O’Connor and CMA Mathletes Scholarship Winner 2015 Frans Rosti


Photos: Mathletes Finals at the CHQ & DCU in Dublin, May 2014 & 2015.

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Learning through discovery, creativity and adventure is the corner stone of our educational philosophy, promoting critical thinking, problem solving and educated risk taking through a challenging and demanding intensive programme with a strong emphasis on technology, physical activity, creative art and music participation interwoven through this mathematics centered curriculum. We prepare participants to be confident and fluent in the key concepts that underpin their forthcoming syllabuses while enjoying themselves in a highly stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable learning environment on the West Coast of Ireland at Glenstal Abbey, Kylemore Abbey and Killary Adventure Centre.




Many students have an uncomfortable relationship with mathematics which can result in a weak understanding of key mathematical concepts, limiting subject selections, narrowing career choices and stunting academic growth; in many instances the effect can last for life.


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Project Maths has been designed specifically to combat such problems and while there may have been some resistance to this initiative, CMA regard this as a great opportunity for students to expand their horizons, and fits very well with our ethos and educational philosophy.


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Project Maths is ideally suited to this ethos and our students benefit enormously from our total immersion programmes.  Students can become confident in their ability as creative thinkers and succeed in their studies, no longer dreading the mathematics curriculum or any of the mathematically related subjects they may be studying.



Pascal's Triangle


Students performing elctrconica


At CMA our aim is to overcome these issues, enabling students to free their minds of the rote learning shackles and to become inspired, creative, problem solving students where mathematics becomes a happy and joyful experience, fluency in key concepts becomes a reality and career choices expand enormously. We encourage students to learn through discovery, creativity & visualisation while making as many world and real life connections with the key mathematical concepts as possible, paving the way for students to acquire a more fluent and confident approach to mathematics and other related subjects.



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The Key Fundamental Mathematical Concepts that underpin the Junior and Senior Cycle mathematics syllabus are presented to students in dynamic and interactive classrooms, with a strong emphasis on facilitated learning, group work and stimulating technology centered lessons.


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Technology plays a crucial role in our programmes including Virtual Reality, Animation, GoPro Film Production, Digital Film Production, GoPro Drones, Music Production & Performance. iPads are regularly used in our workshops by our expert and highly qualified teachers. MEET THE TEAM

‘Máthēma’: ‘that which one learns’; this ancient Greek word means ‘that which one learns’ and in modern Greek simply means ‘lesson’. There have been many other definitions since then such as Aristotle’s definition ‘the science of quantity’ up to as late as 1870 with Benjamin Peirce’s ‘the science that draws necessary conclusions’. Whichever definition one prefers, mathematics can be seen as a fundamental philosophy whereby people can understand the world around them enabling them to aspire to be masters of their own destiny, whether it be through a university degree they would ideally like to complete or a career they would love to follow or a business idea they have and need to be equipped to pursue.

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Fluency, Confidence and Success When students have grasped the key concepts and are comfortable with them, their career choices are increased many fold, leading to happier and more satisfied citizens. Regardless of whether a student has an academic career path in his/her sights or perhaps a career in a trade or business, having a fluency in the key mathematical concepts goes a long way to achieving these goals. Through our technology centered, facilitated learning workshops and lessons, coupled with our commitment to fluency and confidence in the key concepts supported by our mathematically connected physical and artistic activity based curriculum, students will complete our courses with a renewed enthusiasm for learning and a crucial confidence in their own mathematical ability.



Transition Year 2016

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Founder & Director Biography:

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CMA Founder & Director Aengus O’Connor B.Sc., D.L.S., M.Phil., P.D.E. has over 20 years’ experience in education, at both Post Primary and Third Level, nationally and internationally, including as Education Consultant (Technical Bridging) with Saudi Electric; Maths Specialist with the Abu Dhabi Education Council; School Director with the International School of Choueifat Damascus, Syria; Course Director, Senior Lecturer and Head of Audio at the Technology Innovation Centre, Birmingham City University, UK; Project Leader and Head Teacher with the Italian Ministry of Education; Head of Music at IST, Turin, Italy among other roles internationally while also having extensive experience teaching mathematics at Post Primary and Third Level in Ireland. Aengus has worked in many different educational systems including Junior and Leaving Certificates, IGCSE, A Levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma, SAT, AP, Sabis System, Syrian National Baccalaureate and Brevet examinations, and draws on this experience when designing and delivering courses and programmes of learning. Aengus has also worked professionally for many years as a media and sound technologist, electric acoustic composer, producer and musician and brings these experiences to our courses and programmes of learning. This unique approach fosters a stimulating and uniquely dynamic learning environment where students can connect with the key mathematical concepts in many diverse and interesting ways, paving the way for real and meaningful mathematical understanding, where students may gain fluency, confidence and success. Credits: U2 (live at Freedom of City, Studio: ‘Sweetest Thing’); DARA, Sony Records, Abbey Road Studios, Producer Mike Hedges (Manic Street Preachers, Texas); Arranged, Conducted & Recorded Orchestral Score with George Higgs for the Soundtrack of ‘Park’ 2000 – feature film Premiered at Dublin Film Festival, Samson Films, Directed by John Carney (‘Once’ – Oscar Winner, ‘November Afternoon’ – RTE); Dublin Screen Orchestra (co-founder) – Orchestra Soundtrack For The Quiet Man; City Lights Screen Orchestra (co-founder) – performed a newly commissioned score to a screening of Nosferatu, Opening Night Dublin Film Festival, Rückert Orchestra (founder).