June 2014 Summer Camp Video Gallery

These Videos are a collection of slideshows of photos and moving images taken by staff and students during the June Summer Camp 2014. Connemara Maths Academy is committed to providing a 5 star premium summer camp where students enjoy brilliant outdoor adventure activities, great maths related film, 3D Animation and electronic workshops while studying maths concepts with our 5 star qualified, Garda vetted and supremely motivated and award winning teachers.


Slideshow Collection of June Camp 2014

Video 1 Version 1  Resolution Medium for Desktops – 3 Minutes

Video 1 Version 2  Resolution Medium for Mobile Devices – 3 Minutes

Video 2 Version 1  Resolution for Mobile Device 16 minutes

Video 2 Version 2 Resolution for Desktop 16 minutes


Day 1

June Summer Camp 2014

Video 1 (Mobile Device & Desktop Version)

Video 2 (Desktop Version)

Video 2 (Mobile Device Version)

Day 2 & 3  

June Summer Camp 2014

Video 3 (Desktop Version – Medium)

Video 3 (Mobile Device Version)

Day 4

June Summer Camp 2014

Video 4 (Mobile Device Version)

Video 4 (Desktop Version – Medium)

Day 5

June Summer Camp 2014

Video 5 (Mobile Device Version)

Video 5 (Desktop Version – Medium)

Day 6

June Summer Camp 2014

Video 6 (Mobile Device Version)


 Video 6 (Desktop Version – Medium)

Video 7 (Killary Cruise – Mobile Device Version)

Video 7 (Killary Cruise – Desktop Version)

Day 7 – Final Day

June Summer Camp 2014

Video 8 (Mobile Device Version)

Video 8 (Desktop Version)


You can also view the student made films and videos produced during the 3D Animation, Film and Creative workshops by clicking here Take me to Student Produced Workshop Films

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