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1. Educational Technology

CMA is committed to fluency in mathematics through the discovery and visualisation of key concepts using a variety of teaching and learning strategies including the latest technology available. CMA designs and builds original multimedia content including iBooks and audiovisual content while embracing established software tools and iPad applications to ensure classes are dynamic, interactive, highly visual and engaging.

D6 Miklos editor

Students at CMA will have access to iPads packed with visually stimulating and user friendly multimedia content including 3D animations and illustrations which bring the key mathematical concepts to life through visualisation and interaction.


At CMA connections with other subjects and media through technology is central to our ethos, whereby students can begin to really understand the concepts underpinning their syllabuses and become fluent and confident in them.

Megan iPad

girl with ipad shutter-sized

Using an array of technological strategies, not only through the media of iPads and iBooks, but also using music and media technology to illustrate and explore key mathematical concepts, CMA invite students to form real and meaningful relationships with them. For example, with trigonometry, Sine Waves are heard and visualised giving students an inherent understanding of what they are, while seeing and discovering their natural place in the world, and not simply accepting the traditional teaching approach that sine is simply a number or a ratio of one value to another. Through the use of music and media technology, great strides can be made visualising concepts and forming real and meaningful relationships with these concepts.

3D Modelling Animation Mathletes

Throughout our programmes technology is used both as a mechanism of visualisation and as a means of exploring connections with mathematics and the world we live in, whether through music and media technological software packages, iBooks and multimedia visualisations or as creative tools by which students may express themselves while using the concepts they have discovered.

Technology, coupled with our commitment to learning by discovery and visualisation, is central to what we do in our mission to help students become fluent, confident and successful students of mathematics.

D5 High ropes 3

Adventure Activities are also central to our teaching and learning strategies as both a vital physical exercise and also to serve as a mathematical learning tool ,for example measuring the angular velocity of the Giant Swing from inside the swing.

CT 2 Donal + Student-Smaller

At our Summer Camp at Glenstal Abbey this summer we are delighted to have Aviation on offer which will also include creative and adventure activities. The key concepts behind aviation will be dealt with in our workshops with our expert teachers. Students will have the opportunity to use a Boeing Flight Simulator and other professional training tools.

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2. Creative Technolgy

Alien 3D

Students will have access to creative technologies namely, visual, media, and music technologies through which they may apply their mathematical experiences in creative ways to digital video, multi media, 3D animation and music creation.

mixing desk

Students will contribute through a range workshops to an end of programme exhibition and concert where their work may be enjoyed by family and friends and will also be published in a souvenir  iBook.


At CMA, we embrace technology as a seamless teaching and learning strategic tool in both the classroom and in the creative project workshops; students will have the opportunity to express themselves while manipulating mathematical concepts through these creative technologies, leading to a greater understanding and fluency in the concepts themselves. Learning through discovery, creativity and technology we believe students will become confident and fluent.



3. Technology Based Projects

 Make your own GoPro Video this summer!

Ray and students workshop n

Choose one of your adventure sports, shoot it on one of our GoPro cameras and edit in our Visual Technology workshop and we will project your film during a screen presentation to your family and friends on the final Sunday.

cliff dive



Your video will have a newly written sound track, produced during one of our Music Technology workshops and will feature in your CMA Kylemore Abbey Summer 2014 iBook given to you at the end of the programme.


go rpo with ipad

The mathematics related to the art and the creation of digital photography will be explored and used in the production of you’re GoPro film. All students work in small groups of three and four with each assigned a major duty such as visual production/editing, sound recording/editing and sound track production among others.

Music Technology

mixing desk

Students will explore the maths of music technology from Sine Waves to Loudspeaker and Microphone design and will be able to apply their mathematical knowledge in the production of a piece of music. All mathematical concepts covered are relevant to the Senior Cycle syllabus while embracing the new Project Maths curriculum.


photo 2


Co-ordinate Geometry with Frequency v Time in generation of music through patterns.

Media Technology

Deciding what makes a good photograph through the application of mathematics while also exploring how digital technology works is part of the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to create digital visual media content with digital video cameras and SLRs and content can be edited using on of the many editing tools available. Creative Writing and Plots will also be explored and the patterns that exist in good scripts and lots. The finished products will be presented at an exhibition at the end of the week before the Sunday concert. 3D Animation, Virtual Reality and GoPro Drone Technology will be utilised on our courses.


Students have access to a digital camera to create digital media,

to be edited on the Mac mini suite.